Resurrection Chapel National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.

Monday, December 26, 2011


In the deepest night the star of morning
has heralded the Child’s birth.
The Child’s coming is for us the dawning
of God’s salvation here on earth.
Trust what you see, believe the vision,
lay bare your hearts to God’s own Word,
do not refuse the Savior’s mission,
accept the message you have heard.

God has no other sign, no other
light in our darkened world to give
than this Jesus to be our Savior,
a God with whom we all can live.
God has revealed to every nation
love of humankind in Jesus our Lord.
In Jesus all persons may see salvation,
and earth made new in God’s own Word.

The promised One of Israel’s story,
the bridegroom clad with fire and light,
the morning sun in all its glory,
dispelling darkness and the night,
has come to live with us forever,
uniting us in peace and love,
and in Christ’s Body we need never
be parted from our God above.

Richard Hammond Price, OCC 
© December 2011

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