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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent/Christmas Scripture Hunt - Answers

As promised, here are the answers to Friday’s Pop Quiz on Advent and Christmas.

If you missed the Friday homework assignment, shield your eyes and page down to the post entitled Advent/Christmas Scripture Hunt, follow the directions, and return here to check your answers. In addition to the answers, you’ll note that the listing below places the question in chronological order.  A couple of readers wondered why there weren’t more questions, or different ones.  The short answer is that this was a Pop Quiz, not a Bluebook.  If you enjoyed this exercise, or even if you were annoyed by it, the next one posts on Christmas Day.  In that one you’ll be asked to match characters in the story with descriptions of who they were or what they did.

  1.  Who was Zechariah?         
         A Priest, husband of Elizabeth, father of John the Baptist

5.  Where did Zechariah work?        
         The Temple in Jerusalem

10.  Who spoke to Zechariah in the Temple?        
         An angel named Gabriel

18.  Who was Elizabeth?        
         Wife of Zechariah, mother of John the Baptist

9.  Where did Mary and Joseph live?        

13.  What did Joseph do for a living?        
         He was a Carpenter

  3.  Who visited Mary?        
         An angel named Gabriel

15.  What was the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth?        
         They were relatives (cousins)

6.  What was Joseph’s dilemma?        
         Mary was pregnant; he was not the father

  4.  Who announced a new census?        
         Caesar Augustus, the Roman Emperor

8.  Who first visited the Christ Child?        
         Shepherds from fields near Bethlehem

20.  Who was Simeon?        
         An old man who met Mary and Joseph in the Temple.  He had been told that he would not die until he saw the Messiah, and he declared that Jesus was to be the Messiah

12.  Who was Anna?        
         A woman, considered a prophet, who met Mary and Joseph in the Temple, and said Jesus was to be great

2.  What was Herod’s job?        
         King in Jerusalem

16.  Why did the Wise Men visit Herod?        
         To ask assistance in finding Jesus, who was born “King of the Jews”

7.  Can you find the Wise Men’s names?        

19.  Who brought Jesus gifts?  What were they?        
         Wise Men – gold, frankincense and myhrr

11.  What did Herod do after the Wise Men visited Jesus?        
         Sent soldiers to kill male babies in Bethlehem – Jesus, Mary, Joseph escaped to Egypt

17.  Can you find how James the Obnoxious got his name?        
Howard MacMullen
© December, 2012

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