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Monday, December 31, 2012

Who’s Who In the Christmas Story?

As promised after the Advent/Christmas Quiz, we’re now half-way through the Twelve Days of Christmas and it’s time to test memories once again.  The fist quiz was an open-book exam with the first two chapters of Matthew and Luke as the resource.  Most of the answers to this one are there too.  Answers will be revealed soon, at the end of the Christmas Season.  Bonus Question:  What day is that, and what is it called?

To participate match the name on the left with an event, saying or description on the right.  There are more events, sayings or descriptions than there are names, but there is only one correct answer for each name, so three “matches” do not correspond to a name. Have Fun!

                 Name                                       Match                                                         

              1)  Simeon                 A)  A king in Jerusalem

              2)  Joseph                   B)  Was born in Bethlehem

              3)  Innkeeper              C)  Described as “blessed among women”

              4)  Anna                     D)  A carpenter

              5)  Elizabeth               E)  Who?  He isn’t in the Bible

              6)  Mary                     F)  The “father” of all Jews and Christians

              7)  Herod                   G)  Mary’s cousin

              8)  Vito                      H) Jesus’ uncle, who ran a meat market

            9)  Abraham                 I)  Did not have room for Mary & Joseph

            10)  Jesus                     J)  A woman considered to be a prophet

            11)  Isaiah                   K)  The High Priest

                                                L)  An old man Mary and Joseph met in the Temple

                                               M)  One of the Wise Men

                                                N)  Old Testament prophet foresaw coming of Christ

Howard MacMullen
© December, 2012

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